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We do Graphic & Communication work for a more handsome world.


Padaung is an indigenous community from the mountain regions of south-east Myanmar and western Thailand. They are known for the brass coils women wear around their necks. We developed this brand to celebrate the freedom of choice that these women are demanding! It is based on conscious and handmade production and inspired by the changes that have been happening in this community.


Para lá da Vista is an (imagined) event taking place in São João da Madeira, that promotes the idea of looking through the wall, searching further, creating weird contexts where an idea, a concert, a performarce, and art could thrive. The project predicts different parts on a month-long program, so different solutions come up to enhance the artists displayed and the events that take place in different days.


Little Mermaid is a re-interpretation of the original text into a modern, non-non-childish, literary version. A more geometric and typographic approach is applied into the concept resulting in a stronger message and a more interesting reading. An entire Black and white publication can be a challenge, but with the right elements, it can work!

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