We are the Em Collective. A team of two young working Women. Yes, with a capital W, because besides our love for design, media and art, we are two very stubborn people who believe in a fair world with equal rights for all, and we want to work for it. That being said, we are Cláudia and Laura, hey! With similar academic backgrounds, we both studied in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Porto University, we both had our degrees in Communication Design. But our similarities end more or less here.

Let’s play a game! Can you figure it out which one is who? Match the characteristics to the faces you see below.

photo of Claudia photo of Laura







claudia translator

protector of peace


public relations

Did you find the right answers?! Then you are probably a part of our friends and family. But if you didn’t, come talk to us, and get to know the answer…

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